Can You Believe IT ???!!!

Holy cow.
I was checking out one of my favorite places crafterhours to see the skirts that won (LOVED that Teacakes one) and then had to do a little scream.
called the whole fam over to the computer.
slowly scrolled down & ta-da..
it was me- well headless me.  but my skirt was there.  on there blog.  they picked it as a skirt they liked!  no way did I think that out of all those other beautiful & creatively made skirts that they would choose mine? o-kay, I know it was just a mention but, wow!

back to the fam staring at the computer and me with my Cheshire cat grin.
"holy cow mom" says Ben
"it's you mama" says Miles
"you skirt" says Edie
"you have a blog?"  from the husband
 this was followed by some dancing around the rooms -the kids & I that is- kids are so great for joining in on a celebration. okay I also might have jumped on the bed a little.  I can't even imagine the dance that Flossie teacakes did.

so right now the skirt is in the washer, soon to be dried and ironed and framed  photographed, so that I can hopefully show some more details of  how I made it. for now please enjoy the photo of me trying to be fancy.


  1. Congrats-Crafterhours is where I found you.

  2. Did you ever post a tutorial for this? I'm looking for it. Just started sewing and I thought about something like this while lying in bed last night. Yours is the first one that came up in my search. :)